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    Food grade poly and stainless steel.
    Translucent walls for easy assessment of remaining product level.
    35 cubic feet / 2600lb capacity.
    jacky bin

JACKY® Bins –
Self Discharging
Hopper Bins

JACKY Bins have been developed to facilitate the storage, movement and discharge of dry granular products. Many years of experience in a vast array of industries has resulted in simple, but effective products that are easy to use.

JACKY Bins are ideal for handling products such as salt, fertilizer, grain, cement, polymer beads, pelletized feed products, coffee beans… the list goes on…

Sturdy construction

The sturdy hopper components are constructed from industrial quality polymer, and feature a stainless steel/poly sliding gate mechanism – no rust. Galvanized steel frames are standard.


    Smooth internal surfaces with no ledges for complete evacuation of bin.

  • large lid

    Fully removable, weather and pest proof.

  • Translucent Polymer

    See product level through the wall of the bin.

  • Sturdy

    Galvanized steel frame.

Jacky Bin
  • Capacity

    35 cubic ft / 1 cubic metre capacity.

  • Safe Working Load

    2600lb / 1200kg SWL

  • Discharge Outlet

    Easy action stainless steel/poly discharge hatch outlet. No rust or corrosion.

  • Forkliftable

    Fully enclosed fork lift pockets for extra safety. Fork pocket size is 6” x 4”. Fork pocket centers – 32 ¼”

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